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Start the road to a healthy you today. Let us be your guide.

Guiding your path to well-being

Designed for you

Your program will be customized to you. Whether you are a complete fitness novice with no equipment or have a membership at a full-scale gym we will design a program that works with your situation.

Reach your Individual goals

Whether you want to simply move more, conquer your fear of strength training, lose body fat, run your first 5k, or sign up for a triathlon we’re here for you.

Life changes

What was planned to work yesterday may not work tomorrow. We’re available every step of your Journey to adjust and adapt your plan.

Movement is medicine

No matter your current fitness level, or the goals you are looking to achieve we are here to develop a plan that will get you started and keep you going on the road to your best life. We offer strength training & mobility programs, nutrition guidance, endurance plans, healthy habit coaching, and everything needed to get you moving. All of this is provided 100% online for maximum flexibility.

We believe that participating in an active lifestyle where you are doing what you can do to treat your body right will lead to a happier healthier life. That encompasses cardio, strength, nutrition, mindfulness, and recovery (yes you need to rest too!)

How it works


Select the program you’re interested in and sign-up.

Complete your initial consult form

Once you sign-up you will be sent an initial questionnaire, a waiver, and a brief health assessment form to complete.

Schedule your One-on-one coach consultation

After reviewing your initial consultation we will reach out to you within 1-3 business days to set up your one-on-one consultation with your coach. This can be performed via Microsoft Teams, phone, or email.

During this consultation, we’ll ask you a few more questions to determine what type of program would work best for your goals, and how it can fit into your life.

Start your program

After your consultation, you will receive information to get you started with either the Trainerize or Training Peaks app. Your coach will be working to put your program together, and within 2 business days, you will start to see workouts appear in your app for you to complete.

Discuss and adjust

Here’s where the benefits of working with your coach come in. As you progress through the program you will be in contact with your coach letting them know how workouts feel, what you like or don’t, and any changes coming up in your life. From there your coach will update your schedule to fit where you are now. In most cases, you will get a couple of weeks’ worth of workouts on your schedule at a time, but these aren’t set in stone. Adjustments can and will be made as necessary.

We have been on both sides.

As a couple, we struggled to stay active with a busy family, careers, and life. This led to bad decisions in how we treated our bodies. We had bad diets, we were inactive, and started developing poor health because of this. Let us use our experience to guide you on your path to well-being.

“They did wonders for my posture and hip mobility”


“We worked with the team at Journey Virtual Fitness to realize our dream of completing a couples Aquarun”


“I quit smoking, and started loving my family again thanks to the team at Journey Virtual Fitness”

Jay Mac